– Brand Identity

Galatea is a Swedish distributor and producer of alcoholic beverages. Since the company was established in 1997 it has grown to become one of Scandinavia’s leading distributors. We were commissioned to develop a new brand strategy and visual identity that better reflects what Galatea stands for today.

Designed at 25AH.

We helped the company to redefine its core values (Innovative, Personal, Passionate and Secure) and to establish Galatea’s direction of becoming the most progressive and forward-thinking distributor in the market.

The visual identity is friendly and playful, which helps to set Galatea apart from the competition in a market where tradition is the norm. Galatea’s diverse product range is reflected in a mix of vibrant colors. Headlines are set in bold and friendly typography inspired by the employees’ personal and attentive customer care. The addition of silhouettes and pictograms create a flexible graphic toolbox.